Volaille Rémi Ramon


1958 Rémi Ramon created the individual business of which the main activity was trading butter, eggs and poultry.
1964 Creation of a small poultry slaughterhouse in Javron in the Mayenne region of France.
1970 - 1977 The poultry activity flourished. An extension was required.
1978 - 1988 The slaughterhouse received E.E.C. health approval in 1978. The business employed 46 people. Poultry slaughter and sale rose from 2500 to 6000 tonnes. 2000m² of negative cold storage was built for the sale of frozen poultry.
1984 Benoît Ramon took charge of the commercial sector.
1985 Ramon acquired 60% of Sofral equity and 33% of Gram equity for export growth.
1989 - 1991

Contracts with major retailers increased the tonnage to 7000 tonnes.
Productivity needed to be increased: an automatic Stork eviscerator line was set up.

1992 - 1993 The take-over of the 2 businesses, Mériadec in Pré-en-Pail and Pean in Ambrières-les-Vallées, made it possible to increase the tonnage to 7900 tonnes. Construction of a waste water pre-treatment station. Dominique Ramon took charge of production.
1995 6000 birds/hour, 8700 tonnes produced. These were the performances of the new slaughterhouse commissioned on 15th May 1995.
1997 New approved cutting shop floor - 11420 tonnes produced - 110 employees.
1999 13260 tonnes - 128 employees - Benoît and Dominique Ramon became managing directors of “Volailles REMI RAMON”.
2000 2000 m² of extensions were put into service. 
• Installation of a Meyn automatic cutting line
• 100% renewal of the fleet of "live poultry collection” vehicles
• Increase in the film and vacuum packing capacity
2001 The same energy was still behind the growth of the busines
• The slaughterhouse was extended to 9000 birds/hour
2002 • New 2000 m² extension
• Extension of packing, cutting, packaging, shipping and creation of the company headquarters
2005 Creation of a new frozen product storage warehouse.
2006 Creation of the Sausage and aromatised product shop floor.
2007 Construction of a cooked and smoked product shop floor.
2010 New chicken cutting shop with a capacity of 6000 birds/hour
Dynamic drying tunnel on a 9000 birds/hour line
2015 Volailles Rémi Ramon’s directors were awarded the 2015 Managers title by DCF.

Increase in frozen product storage capacity
Extension of the cooked and smoked product shop floors
Creation of a new packaging and consumables storage warehouse