Web accessibility - RÉMI RAMON

1 - Website policy

The RÉMI RAMON website must be accessible to everyone, including people browsing using assistive systems (adapted mouse special keyboards, voice commands, braille displays, voice reproduction systems, ...).

If you are unable to access our documents, help us to develop this site. For this, to contact us via our contact form.

For people who can not use a mouse, a tab system and keyboard shortcuts (defined below) has been made to run on recent browsers.

2 - The tools

Keyboard shortcuts
Mozilla Firefox : Shift + Alt + [raccourci]
Internet Explorer : Shift + Alt + [raccourci] then Enter
Mac : Ctrl + [raccourci]
Shift + Alt + 0 Access to the criteria for the website accessibility
Shift + Alt + 1 Access to the Homepage
Shift + Alt + 3 Access Sitemap
Shift + Alt + 6 Accessing the Help page of the website
Shift + Alt + 7 Access to the website contact form